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Complete Remodeling Projects - Have your dream room today... We can help you Plan, Design, Budget, and Build. Add a new kitchen, bath, family, four season, deck, library, office, great room, or floor to your home. Or, add some touches to an existing room today.
Call  (603) 553 - 5453
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LGD Design enables the  process of adding a structure to  your property painlessly. The vast majority of our building construction projects are new construction, renovations, room additions, and maintenance programs. We will serve as your design team, laborer, and paymaster throughout the entire project. Our projects vary in size. We understand that most construction projects entail design, financial, and legal considerations. We make detailed plans and maintain careful oversight during the project to ensure a positive outcome.

We utilize various delivery methods including: hard bid, negotiated price, traditional, management contracting, construction management-at-risk, design & build and design-build bridging.
How do I know what method I need?
Traditional  - Our project coordinator will design the works, prepare the specifications and produce construction drawings, administer the contract, oversee the work, and manage the work  from start to completion. Our project coordinator links between the client and sub contractors. Any sub contractor will have a direct contractual relationship with our contractor.
Design and build  - This includes our entire completed package, including fixtures, fittings and equipment where necessary, to produce a completed fully functional building. In some cases, the Design and Build (D & B) package can also include finding the site, arranging funding and applying for all necessary statutory consents. The client/ owner will produce a list of ‘clients requirements’ for a project, for which our D & B contractor will translate into a set of ‘contactors proposals’.In this arrangement, the client typically has direct contractual relationship with our D & B contractor only.
Management Procurement Systems  - is our process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals. In this arrangement LGD Construction plays an active role of managing the project. Supervising the employees per the prescribed company policies, including workplace safety, time and attendance,schedules, oversee the work, and manage the project  from start to completion. Ensure compliance with quality systems and all associated procedures. Manage sub-contractors compliance with quality systems and production schedules . Support the project in assessing, developing and executing short-range production schedules in order to meet schedule requirements. Recommending formal continuous improvement programs. Develop programs/methods to optimize productivity while reducing production time and costs.
We achieve production standards with expected quality on a daily basis by monitoring all aspects of build teams and utilizing the following tools: interval measurement, standard cycle times, continuous observations, and recommendations to increase production. We immediately communicate all critical delays in production to our sub-contractors and take actions to remedy such delays.
We plan, direct, and coordinate the project. Our duties include working closely with you and our contractors to understand and develop your requirements, time frame, and funding limitations. We will also lead proposal efforts, develop program plans that specify goals, strategy, staffing, scheduling, risk identification, contingency planning, resource allocation, and program schedule execution. We will make sure that all program deliverables, milestones, and required tasks are met, prepare program reviews, and keep management, customers, and others informed of project status. We are responsible for the success of your project.
How can you save me money
How will one of these methods benifit me?

We specialize in building your ideas into working plans. We will never tell you something cannot be done or try to change your ideas into something generic. Your vision is our priority. If it wasn't, then you would not need us.
Why should I use LGD Design & Construction?
What types of homes do you build?

We build your ideas. Our homes can range from 1,500 - 10,000 square feet.
You decide the Plan and we build it...
How do I begin?
Call today for a free consultation. We can design a basic floor plan in 24 hours. We can provide designs for kitchens, baths, living, doors, windows, tile, porches, decks, or whatever you need. Our standard design agreement gives you the option of owning your design. You also have an option of picking a pre existing design from eplans and saving 15% off a standard design fee. Call today for details... 1 (603) 553-5453
Call  (603) 553 - 5453