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Complete Remodeling Projects - Have your dream room today... We can help you Plan, Design, Budget, and Build. Add a new kitchen, bath, family, four season, deck, library, office, great room, or floor to your home. Or, add some touches to an existing room today.
Call  (603) 553 - 5453
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We Design your ideas. Our Designs can range from 1,500 - 10,000 square feet.
You decide the Plan and we design it...
How do I begin?
Call  (603) 553 - 5453
How will I know if I like the Plan?

We specialize in designing your ideas into working plans. We will never tell you something cannot be done or try to change your ideas into something generic. Your vision is our priority. If it wasn't, then you would not need us.
Your Ideas...
Put into a floor Plan...
Results in a ‘Contactor's proposals’, budget, completed job...
Depending on the complexity of your design, we can provide a 3-D rendering of your plan.
Are designs expensive?
Designs and Plans can consume a significant portion of your budget. Planning is the most important aspect of the process. You want to eliminate waste and maximize the time used to generate your ideas. Design rates are standard. They can range from $100 - $6,000.00 Dollars (US). We believe minimizing wasted spending in this process is the most important step in completing your project on time and under budget.
Can I see plans to get a better idea before choosing mine?
Yes, we have partnered with to give you over 24,000 plans to choose from. You save time and money. If you choose a plan from eplans we can build it. Either contact us today for an estimate or choose a plan with eplans and call us for a quote.
How do I begin?
Call today for a free consultation. We can design a basic floor plan in 24 hours. We can provide designs for kitchens, baths, living, doors, windows, tile, porches, decks, or whatever you need. Our standard design agreement gives you the option of owning your design. You also have an option of picking a pre existing design from eplans and saving 15% off a standard design fee. Call today for details... 1 (603) 553-5453