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Providing service throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.
Once your Paver's and concepts have been selected, we will incorporate them in a preliminary design. We will keep the design simple. We will offer variations and improvements to the design. We will help you determine your budget. Assist in securing financial assistance. Plan, implement, and complete your project on time and within your budget.

We Design and Build Outdoor Custom Fire Pits, Barbecue Pits, and Patios.
We Install Granite Stone pavers, steps, walls, tiles, and posts.
Swimming Pool Coping Stone.
Loose Pool Coping?   "Have you caulked your expansion joint?" Freezing water in the pool expansion joint between the deck and the pool coping, will put pressure on the coping, breaking the mortar that attaches it to the beam. Second question will be "Is the expansion joint true, (straight through to the earth) or does the pool deck touch the coping or the beam at some area?" If the pool deck and the pool wall (or coping) are allowed to contact each other, then damage can slowly occur to the coping (and the beam) every time the deck and / or the pool expands and contracts with temperature changes.
We Install Unlocked Paver's - Antara, Brussels Block, Cassova, Hollandstone, Stonehenge, Nevada, and Terracotta
We Design and Build your walkway, deck, or driveway using your choice of Stone; Victoria Cobble, Toulon Paver, Salzburg Modular, Scotia Wall, Venice Coping, Terra Stone-Coastal Blue, Terra Stone-Weathered Oak and Woodland Moss, Pebble Stone, Patio Block, Euro Pattern, Natural diamond Slab, Round Steppers, Adirondak, colonial Cobble, Venetian Stone, Holland Stone, Holland Heritage, Plaza Stone, Grass Stone and Clay Pavers.
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