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Providing service throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.
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Complete Remodeling Projects - Have your dream room today... We can help you Plan, Design, Budget, and Build. Add a new kitchen, bath, family, four season, deck, library, office, great room, or floor to your home. Or, add some touches to an existing room today.
Call  (603) 553 - 5453
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You decide the Door and We Install it
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Call  (603) 553 - 5453
  What could your new door look like?
Call  (603) 553 - 5453
Providing service throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.
Save Money and Energy - Choose ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows.
  Why use LGD for your New Door?
Add Safety and Beautify to your Home
If your selling, remodeling, or just looking for security, give your home charm and style with an Energy Star Rated Custom Entry Door or Interior Door System. Your entry door makes a  first impression and reflects the warmth and friendliness of your home, while still providing security for your  family. We are proud to be able to offer you installation of the best entry door or interior door systems available on the market today.

A  Custom Entry Door System provides outstanding security, peace of mind and greater energy efficiency than your drafty old door. Crafted with old-fashioned quality standards, with various styles to choose from. We will help find the door system that does more than provide outstanding security, you'll find a door system that can help make your home a showplace!
Delivery of new door if you are within 20 miles (one way) of store.
Removal and haul-away of old door.
Installation of door in same size square opening that is in reasonably good condition (no rotten wood).
Installation of existing or new door hardware (Picked by customer), including kick plate, peep hole and new or existing (if in good condition) lock hardware (excludes mortise-type hardware).
Replacement of existing trim, or installation of new trim picked by customer.
Caulking and insulate as required.
Testing to ensure proper operation.
Cleanup after job is done.
Outstanding security, peace of mind and greater energy efficiency.
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